Learn more about the inspiration behind each piece by reading about Dave’s artistic process and background.

Dave Thomas

Born in Fresno California, grew up in Santa Cruz California
BFA California Institute of the Arts
MFA California Institute of the Arts
Lives and works Boise Idaho and McCall Idaho

Artist Statement

I’m an abstract painter, I have been painting for over 55 years. From my daily studio practice comes discovery, meaning, content, questions, what’s real or unreal etc. My work projects energy, process, movement. All I have to say comes from that daily practice not a preconceived agenda.

I’m a process painter looking for an excuse to paint. Materials I find often inform the work itself.

Painting is a visual language and it’s not easy to put into words, it’s an emotional experience. I’m looking for some new way of painting or what painting can be.

Today’s work informs me of tomorrow’s.